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"For years I had been trying to lose some weight but never really managed it, so I thought I would try Hypnosis. I approached Alison Dematos, we talked through my goals and what I wanted to achieve.

Using her Person centred approach, I lost 1 stone in weight and have kept this weight off for over a year now. Alison's technique taught me to visualise where I wanted to be and how to maintain this.

I had 1 face to face session, followed by 5 Skype sessions. This really worked for me. I have loads more energy and feel so much better about myself.

I would recommend Alison to anyone who needs help in achieving their goal with weight loss, it really does work."

Sarah Northampton

"I had a gastric band fitted 15 years ago. I lost half my body weight but over the last 4 years had gained a third of what I lost. Alison has been amazing. I live in Nottingham so have had my hypnotherapy sessions with her over Skype. She has taken great care to tailor the sessions specifically for my personal circumstances. I wanted to change eating habits, drink more water and exercise more to lose weight and feel healthier.

I am now much more motivated than I was, eating more healthily and losing weight steadily. I have drastically increased my level of exercise, and am feeling fitter and I am actually enjoying the taste of water.I did not enjoy any of the three things I needed help with before the hypnotherapy.. I can't thank Alison enough for what she is helping me to achieve!"

Samantha Nottingham

"After suffering with low self-esteem and anxiety, I had several sessions with Alison both in person and via Skype. 

Alison was amazing during every session. She is very knowledgable and professional, and immediately put me at ease. She used a Centred Person Approach and NLP to help me build my confidence and help with my social anxiety, and I can honestly say it has worked wonders! I am now much more confident (especially in work) and believe in myself. Alison has helped me to practise mindfulness and I am now a much more positive person. I cannot thank her enough, she has changed my life!"

Kerry Manchester

I booked a session with Alison as I was lacking confidence and procrastinating. I kept putting things off and I wanted to have more quality in my life and be able to have things to talk about. Hypnotherapy helped me make decisions and take action and move on with my life. I only had a couple of sessions and even after the first session I signed up to be a volunteer for a local charity -  something I had put off for over 2 years"


"Just as I sit down to write this review I am given a wonderful looking box of chocolate biscuits as a Christmas gift from a customer.

Not so long ago I would have immediately opened them and eaten one, two, or probably several of them. Now however, things are different. I know they will taste as good as I expect them to. The difference is, I’m not hungry. Or should I say I now realise I’m not hungry. It’s ‘just a thought’, which will be gone in a few minutes. This is what hypnotherapy has taught me. For many years I have tried, and been successful with different diets, but only for a relatively short period of time. Then the weight gain would begin again. Because diets aren’t sustainable over a long period of time. I have finally learnt when I have had enough to eat.

Since having the hypnoband treatment I truly haven’t finished one meal. I always leave food on my plate. I don’t end up feeling bloated at the end of a meal. I don’t feel uncomfortable like I used to. I allow myself the food I like but in smaller quantities. I naturally seem to choose healthier foods too. Friday lunchtime at work is always a takeaway. My favourite was a cheese, steak and mushroom baguette. I still have a takeaway but now it’s a jacket potato with tuna and salad. The biggest thing is though I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I don’t crave the greasy or sweet foods that I used to.

Alison is such a calming, relaxing person. She made me feel instantly at ease. I thought I would get nervous giggles when she first hypnotised me. How wrong I was! It is the most amazing feeling to be that relaxed. The actual hypnoband session was incredible. With the audio sounds of an operating room in the background, you can truly imagine yourself having an operation. But completely pain free. I now listen to the post operation hypnosis session every few nights, just to reinforce the positive thoughts. We all know what foods we should be eating and yet for some of us it’s not that simple. There are many reasons why we over eat and gain too much weight. I think my issue was eating because I liked
the particular taste of the food (like the chocolate biscuits I previously mentioned), and just continuing to eat it until the plate was clean. I didn’t have the “I’m full” thought or feeling. Since meeting Alison that has changed. And I feel so much better and healthier for it. In fact I know that the biscuits will get opened and shared around. But I won’t have one. But I won’t feel like I’m missing out, because the feeling you get from not eating the unhealthier foods is so much better than the feelings you have when you know you’ve eaten something you didn’t really want or need.

I cannot thank or praise Alison enough. I feel like I have finally learned to make the right choices when it comes to food. That can only mean weight loss and a healthier me!"

E. Taylor